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DIE WALDFIBEL : One booklet to four major platforms.

This app based on a booklet from the German Government, was brought to four platforms and more than 500.000 downloads in the German appstore in a year.
It is an app about the German forrest, its trees and some animals with abundant graphics and sound. We even built in some quizzes and picture-taking. A windows version is being used in German schools.
( Too good for the waste bin : Cooking with bits and pieces)
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An app about NOT wasting food. Made for the German Government and more that 400.000 downloads. Recipes based upon a new search algorithm that includes cascading menu buttons, shopping lists with intelligent ordering according to shop-style and loads of hints and tips about how to store food. This app is part of a large governmental campaign to help people create a menu from what's left in the fridge. Renowned chefs gave the first 50 recipes, now at over 300 recipes and growing thanks to a built in SQL database which is updated via the net.
KNLG created version 1.0 to 2.0 of this app.